Client Relation Manager

Client Relations Manager is a simple system that I wrote to communicate with the client. With it, we can perfectly communicate and discuss in detail the step by step development of your project. This is necessary due to the fact that my skill set allows you to build unique solutions operate in exactly the way you wish. So that our cooperation is simply and efficiently.

General Facilities

Your account will have a list of tasks to be performed. Segregated with respect to the status and priority. This allows you to easily insight into the process of building your solution and the management of its order.

Adding another job is very simple. Just choose 'add task', select a project, write a title and description, set the priority and ready. Your order is ready for realization.

You will also have additional options, such as those transferred to the statistics page service, your hosting data or account balance.

If you need something more, just tell me. Upgrading the firmware is at my expense. I care about my service and i want provide services at high level.