Creating animations on web pages is a cool way for a new look. We writing fully customized animations special for customers. On all possible events, like mouse move, on scrolling and everything what you only want.

If you want to have animation on website, just show on other page what you want, and we will make it for you.

Websites graphic

Graphics for your project will be created uniquely with the objectives of your project.

Each of graphic design is suitable for large-resolution as a full hd. Above all focused on transparency. Like all minimalist, we think the most important thing is to put only the necessary elements. Everything else unnecessarily diverts concentration of the user, which reduces the effectiveness of communicating important information.

Responsive Design

The creation of flexible structures using percentage settings your html. Each of our sites are written using this technique. This makes it easy to browse your site with the entire range of mobile devices.

The ability to customize specific content for each resolution. Everything depends on the concept of the person ordering the project, its objectives and financial ability.

We create fully customized to the user's requirements forms, search engines, inputs. Also, based on database tables in order to expand. An example would be a website of real estate in which the user can add their apartments for rent.

Anyway, forms used to transmit data from the user side browser to the server. Then, this information can be saved to the database, or converted by the algorithms and sent to the post office to the customers or whatever is needed.
Social Media

We offers the ability to integrate social networking web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

We will do for you every Social Media integration of your website, if the community API allows for such an operation.

There is a lot of possibilities for integration. If you want something done, ask me about it, or show an example on another page.