How to eliminate your competitions?

This is a very important question in the world of business. Regardless of the department and the industry, you must analyze your competition. This allows you to get to know their strengths and weaknesses, which are extremely important when building your product or service if you want it brought the desired effect.

The first thing to look at the competition. Ask yourself what their strengths and weaknesses, then use their strengths, weaknesses correct + add your own improved concepts. In this way, we obtain technically superior product.

The best way to do this is to extract the software architecture of our opponent. Let us explain this with a simple example. We have, for example, one website architecture looks like this:

Once we have extracted the skeleton of our opponent, you should carefully examine the entire structure and consider that the functionality can be improved and make adjustments to the current plan:


In this way we get a design that shows the software architecture of a higher quality and usability. This is a good time to expand the project by an additional of functionality. Thus raise even higher usability of the product.

We must be one hundred percent confident that our software will be a success. We need product of higher quality than it previously testified competition.

The final step of looking by way of example: