Massive scalability, very clear and functional

We using postgreSQL databases, due to the high performance while managing massive data sets. This kind of combination is an optimal solution. In combination with optimized code from cms, your service will always went quickly even with hundreds of thousands records.

We make very clear the database. The data are presented in the form of a list, and you choose which of the data of individual objects to be presented in the tables.

You can choose in which order and in relation to which the data is to be separated. Both on the website and in the administration panel.

Always safe

For the safety of your data to the database will be performed periodic backups in case of unforeseen failures.


Each of the databases is protected by a trendy technology of high quality. Your databases are much safer than in the case of termination of the type Wordpress, which gives an open source of a powerful field for cheating bots.