Fully customized URL's

Our strength, fully customized URL will allow us to outperform our competitors. This is a very big plus for positioning your pages.

In case you want to, a particular item on your side is firmly positioned we will be to create URLs with keywords. It is our strong point due to the complete customization of our sites. An example would be this link:


In which the title contains the keyword 'how to Increase your profits?'. This way we can customize for your individual addresses to further strengthen the positioning of your site.

HTML5 Tags

Trends in technology, HTML5 allows you to add tags that define the value of the information on the page. This is a hint to the robot google what has focus. When writing each page I use tags.

In the case of the more expensive sites these tags are more and they are placed with greater accuracy and precision.

Clean code for google

Websites that create for you are written step by step without the use of ready-made solutions. This ensures a high readability hand, without unnecessary garbage.

This site is much better readable by a robot google and puts you on the grid ahead of the competition.

What's going on in the seo optimization

Rank website depends on many factors. Inter alia: The content and consistency of content, Keywords, Competition, Universality site, Code optimization, and many many other factors involved in the success and the best possible fit to the Google algorithm.

There are also companies that position your website through the programs. This is obviously very dangerous, because when such action will be noticed by google team, this is the end of your site and domain.

Positioning the page is painstaking work involving the analysis, adapting the content, keywords and code. The average person can't understand that sometimes website optimization can cost more than just the design of the site. It is reckoned that you are paying for a service 1000, and for the second looks almost as 20.000 pounds or more. The only question is whether you want to buy a website or product appearance resembling